Philly to DC Bicycle Trip

My super athletic brother, James, and … I … decided to “ride bikes” earlier this week from Flourtown, PA to College Park, MD.  We left on Sunday from our parents’ house in Flourtown after a delicious Mother’s Day brunch.  I snapped these photos with my iPhone throughout the 4 day trip.

IMG_5908 copy IMG_5919 copy IMG_5927 copy IMG_5933 copy IMG_5936 copy IMG_5938 copy IMG_5941 copy IMG_5944 copy IMG_5947 copy IMG_5951 copy IMG_5952 copy IMG_5953 copy IMG_5956 copy IMG_5959 copy IMG_5960 copy IMG_5962 copyIMG_5967 copyThe first night we stayed at James’ girlfriend Dara’s house in Newark, DE.  We were so happy to arrive at her front door after a long day of “just riding bikes”.  She put a sign up that read: Bates Bikes Motel.  Love her!!!

IMG_5964 copy IMG_5966 copy
IMG_5969 copy IMG_5971 copy

We said goodbye to Dara and hit the road again, making a quick stop at a bike shop near the University of Delaware.
IMG_5976 copy IMG_5978 copy IMG_5981 copy IMG_5984 copy IMG_5988 copy IMG_5990 copy IMG_5993 copy IMG_5997 copy IMG_5998 copy IMG_5999 copy IMG_6006 copy IMG_6009 copy

A big thanks to our friend Ryan Stava for hooking us up with all kinds of bicycle gear before we left.  You have to pack the gear!IMG_6012 copy IMG_6015 copyIMG_6014 copy IMG_6023 copy IMG_6024 copyJames thought this shopping cart was his bike for a second.
IMG_6025 copy IMG_6027 copy IMG_6028 copyIMG_6037 copy

Somehow we made it to Baltimore!!IMG_6032 copy IMG_6036 copyIMG_6040 copy IMG_6042 copy IMG_6046 copy 2 We met this fellow bike-enthusiast outside Baltimore on day 3.  He started in NYC about a week ago and he’s headed to California.  Good luck Peter!IMG_6051 copyIMG_6064 copyWe couldn’t find a hotel under $500 in the downtown DC area so we settled on College Park.  It felt so good only riding for 35.08 miles the third day!

IMG_6061 copy IMG_6065 copy IMG_6066 copy What do you do when finish a fun bike trip from Philadelphia to DC?  Obviously get a mani/pedi!!IMG_6067 copy Look who drove down to meet us in DC?!  Steve, James and I toured DC a bit and wondered around the Smithsonians for the day.  One of the highlights was finding out what we would look like as early humans at the Natural Sciences Origins exhibit.  IMG_6079 copy IMG_6081 copy IMG_6084 copy IMG_6085 copy IMG_6088 copy IMG_6097 copyIMG_6092 copy IMG_6095 copyJames is continuing his biking adventures all the way to Lexington, Kentucky for his best friend’s wedding on May 25th.  You can do it James!  Love you!!

Washington, D.C.

A few weeks ago my mom and I spent a couple day’s in our Nation’s capital touring the beautiful city.  We spent most of our time at the Newseum, but also hopped on and off a bus that winds through the city.  We didn’t plan it this way, but the cherry blossoms were in full bloom while we were there too which made the get-away even better.

DSC_2232 copyDSC_2214 copy DSC_2226 copyDSC_2219 copy DSC_2225 copyDSC_2246 copy DSC_2260 copy DSC_2264 copy DSC_2267 copy DSC_2268 copyDSC_2272 copy DSC_2273 copy DSC_2275 copy DSC_2294 copy DSC_2297 copy DSC_2304 copy DSC_2308 copy DSC_2317 copy DSC_2327 copy DSC_2328 copy DSC_2329 copy DSC_2341 copy DSC_2342 copy DSC_2347 copy DSC_2348 copy DSC_2353 copy DSC_2360 copy DSC_2366 copy DSC_2369 copy DSC_2372 copy DSC_2376 copy DSC_2377 copy DSC_2379 copy DSC_2383 copy DSC_2386 copyDSC_2401 copy DSC_2420 copy DSC_2426-2 copy DSC_2433 copy DSC_2434 copy DSC_2448 copy 2 DSC_2452 copyDSC_2462 copy DSC_2466 copy DSC_2473 copy DSC_2477 copy DSC_2479 copy DSC_2481 copy DSC_2484 copy DSC_2487 copy DSC_2493 copy DSC_2497 copy DSC_2500 copy DSC_2508 copy DSC_2510 copy DSC_2512 copy

Multiple Exposure

I was inspired by this article I read online from Petapixel, and decided to play with making a few multiple exposures this morning.  I’ve been extra busy lately so I forced myself to take 10 minutes to do something fun and creative.  I am now forcing myself to take another 10 minutes to blog about it!  I definitely look forward to making more multiple exposures as soon as I can (preferably not from my office chair next time).



An Amaryllis Photo Essay

 I planted this amaryllis bulb on January 17th in my office window and thoroughly enjoyed watching it grow a little bit everyday.  Somedays I felt like I was actually watching it grow before my eyes!  It bloomed yesterday (on the second day of spring!).

DSC_2609puppyLOVE2013-5152puppyLOVE2013-5151 DSC_7158 DSC_7160 DSC_7415 MegMacShower-8686DSC_9628-2 DSC_9630-2 DSC_9746DSC_9750DSC_9759 DSC_9761 DSC_9763 DSC_9770DSC_9774Hello, spring!!  You are so SO so SO  very, very welcome.  Please bring all the warmth, sunshine, and FLOWERS you possibly can!