Holiday Shopping Inspiration

I came across this powerful blog post about the upcoming holiday season.  Particularly the gift-giving-season part of the holiday season.  I don’t usually get myself too stressed out about Christmas gifts and figuring out what to get people, but I am definitely touched by the way this post redirects the entire mentality behind the stuff we collect.

I am a huge fan of Patagonia (the clothing company), and after watching the video on that post, I’m even more impressed!  I hope you check it out.  Anything that brings my awareness closer to the present is a good thing.  I hope it stops to make you think, too.

“Living is not buying.  To be a citizen of the earth is to put one’s brief life to the use of one’s dearest gifts.”

I leave you with this … in case you forgot how cute Chase Humphrey looks wearing a Santa hat.  Happy Holidays!

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