Washington, D.C.

A few weeks ago my mom and I spent a couple day’s in our Nation’s capital touring the beautiful city.  We spent most of our time at the Newseum, but also hopped on and off a bus that winds through the city.  We didn’t plan it this way, but the cherry blossoms were in full bloom while we were there too which made the get-away even better.

DSC_2232 copyDSC_2214 copy DSC_2226 copyDSC_2219 copy DSC_2225 copyDSC_2246 copy DSC_2260 copy DSC_2264 copy DSC_2267 copy DSC_2268 copyDSC_2272 copy DSC_2273 copy DSC_2275 copy DSC_2294 copy DSC_2297 copy DSC_2304 copy DSC_2308 copy DSC_2317 copy DSC_2327 copy DSC_2328 copy DSC_2329 copy DSC_2341 copy DSC_2342 copy DSC_2347 copy DSC_2348 copy DSC_2353 copy DSC_2360 copy DSC_2366 copy DSC_2369 copy DSC_2372 copy DSC_2376 copy DSC_2377 copy DSC_2379 copy DSC_2383 copy DSC_2386 copyDSC_2401 copy DSC_2420 copy DSC_2426-2 copy DSC_2433 copy DSC_2434 copy DSC_2448 copy 2 DSC_2452 copyDSC_2462 copy DSC_2466 copy DSC_2473 copy DSC_2477 copy DSC_2479 copy DSC_2481 copy DSC_2484 copy DSC_2487 copy DSC_2493 copy DSC_2497 copy DSC_2500 copy DSC_2508 copy DSC_2510 copy DSC_2512 copy

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